[D+21] – A Mangrove

Wow! I just came back from a little excursion in a not-so-far mangrove (basically a seaside swamp), and it was pretty great ! There were hundreds of birds in the trees (like the white one below), and a lot of crabs as well as fishes with modified fins, which allowed them to get out of the water.

I maybe should have taken more shots, and maybe some general shots to give you a better overview of how the whole thing looks like. I apologize for that, but I promise I’ll try to remember this next time…

Some dead birds, too… but after all it’s Mother Nature !

A picture of Remy, who comes from the same school than me :

And finally a picture that doesn’t exactly satisfy me, but I think it’s still cool :

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3 thoughts on “[D+21] – A Mangrove

  1. Lina

    Must say that you take really great photos ! Hope everything’s okay with you over there, and that everything’s going well for you.

    Have a nice day/evening !(don’t know when you’ll see this so x))

  2. johnny

    Love u rémy! 🙂

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