[D+61] – 22 Statues and 180000 XAF (280€)

Obviously my colleague is totally crazy. He just bought all of these 22 statues for 180000 XAF (local money). 8000 XAF per statue… The one in the bottom left-hand corner of the picture is a supposedly magickal fetish… Kinda frightening.

Com’on, let’s make a poll : how much do you think (in euros or XAF) it would cost if he had haggled more over these statues ? Leave a comment below 🙂

Allez, un vote : Combien aurait-ce coûté si il avait marchandé plus ? Laissez un commentaire en-dessous 🙂

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14 thoughts on “[D+61] – 22 Statues and 180000 XAF (280€)

  1. I find it fair, I’m not always haggling, artisan’s job have a value too. Unless they ask first how much I’m willing to pay I don’t set my offer.

    Those statues are great.

    • Well I totally understand your point of view but I’ll give further details about this : here in Congo haggling is important, if not impossible to avoid. For instance the seller wanted to sell the statues to Rémy for 40000 XAF per statue while he got them for 8000 XAF per statue. Almost without haggling actually. Sometimes the sellers tell you “it costs xxxx XAF but you can propose a lower price” (lol). The statues are great indeed, but I was referring to the true price. The seller isn’t an artisan as such ; I assume the statues are pretty old and authentic.

      In other words, the true price for this would be around 100000 XAF. Maybe a slight bit more. Oh and this amount is very high for people here. Maybe more than one month of salary, you see.

      • Yes, at some areas in here haggling is kinda coming implicit in the negotiation, sometimes you end buying something that you was not even interested to get, since you ask for curious and the guy walks 3 blocks after you asking: how much? how much? give me 100, ok, then 80, ok then 50 and you end taking it to home.

        That money is also a month of salary for most of people here. The guy seems got a big deal with that sale.

    • Rémy

      Thank you! 😉

      • Yeah. This is totally true 🙂 And yeah, the guy made a big deal ! Our conclusion is that it’s about 2 months of salary lol

  2. 100 €? y’a toujours moyen de négocier

  3. Rémy

    ça vallait le coût! Je ne suis pas déçu! Et puis comme ça je pourrai en poser un peu partout dans l’appart, y compris dans ta chambre pour invoquer Mami Wata 😉

    • Lol, entre Mami Wata et le fetish je prends Mami Wata (Rémy => stricto sensu).
      Sérieux si y’a une des choses envoûtées qui arrivent dans ma chambre je pète juste un cable 😀

  4. christofdespierrres

    100 euros maximum: Rémy tu t’es fait avoir ! T’as vérifié qu’elles ont pas été fabriquée en Chine tes statues??

  5. johnny

    moi je kiffe la grosse statue avec le sourrire bizarre! 😉

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