To-do list

We will supposedly be able to borrow a 4×4 next week, provided by the firm we’re working in. Which obviously broadens our entertainment possibilities (finally!). Rémy and I are getting slightly bored to be only inside the town, and we’re really looking forward to doing more cool stuffs, far from the simple “expat” concept.

Okay, let me tell you in a few words about this concept (which is also something we joke about) : when we say something is “expat” it means that it’s expensive and totally related to the European way of life. At the opposite “not expat” is when you do something that has nothing in common with our usual way of life. Read : eating local food in local restaurants, going almost alone into the Jungle (lol), etc. Let’s make it clear : this is getting kind of a private joke, so it’s hard to explain 🙂 But put briefly, Rémy and I are willing to do more “not expat” stuffs.

[The list shall be updated from time to time]

  • Take a picture from the sunset on the beach
  • Get a walk to the “wharf” (you’ll see what it is soon)
  • Make a photo gallery of the kind of food we’re usually eating
    • In a N’Ganda
    • “Chez Nour”
  • Make a photo gallery about the cabs
  • Go to the market (never seen it so far!)
  • Go to a specific beach named “La Baleine” (“The Whale”)
  • Go back up the Kouilou river
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