[D+98] – “Chez Tonton Mack” – Part 4 : Some HDR Shots

[read part 1 here] [read part 2 here] [read part 3 here]

A fourth and last post about this marvellous week-end. I decided to compile in this last message a few photos I took and edited using the so-called HDR (High Dynamic Range) technique.

Basically, it consists in taking three similar photographs : a dark one, a normal one and a light one, and combining them on a software (for instance I am using Adobe Photoshop). It allows the creation of highly-satured, almost surrealistic and dynamically enhanced pictures.

Here are my attempts at this technique, which I am usually using for UrbEx stuffs.

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8 thoughts on “[D+98] – “Chez Tonton Mack” – Part 4 : Some HDR Shots

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  2. Harry Seldon

    Les photos de cieux sont absolument superbes !!!
    La 2 et la 3 en particulier !!

    • Salut Harry,

      Merci pour ton commentaire 🙂 !!

      J’ai trouvé un bouquin de Silverberg ici ^^ à 500 XAF < 1€ ça a l'air marrant…

  3. Lina

    love the pictures, as always ! you are a really good photographer 🙂
    and I hope everything’s going fine with you where you are 🙂

    Take care !

    • Aww you’re so nice Lina. Thanks a lot for your comment, although you’re going to make me blush 😀
      Everything’s fine, yeah. However I feel it’s “soon” the end 😦 i’m leaving on July 15th..

  4. Lina

    oh I’m said to hear that, I guess with the comment that it’s “soon” the end, you really like it there? 🙂 and if I can ask you, have you ever thought of becoming a photograph ?

    Take care !

    • Hey Lina,
      Well yeah I am really enjoying my life here. The country itself is not stressing at all, and I appreciate the way I’m living here. I may be coming back in January though, but it’s not sure yet.
      And concerning your second question, no, but I am willing to improve my skills in photography in order to be able to shoot really cool stuffs in any occasion.

      Take Care as well ! 🙂

  5. Lina

    becoming a photographER* sorry x)

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