That Glass Of Milk

That Glass Of Milk…

Oh boy ! That glass of milk !

I haven’t been getting any Calcium intake for four months. Except a little piece of cheese, twice. Oh man, when I realized this yesterday I immediately felt the lack of Calcium in my body, in my bones.

Cheese is too expensive – let’s drink MILK ! 990 XAF (a bit more than 1€) per milk carton : the price is good. I usually hate milk alone, but this glass was so tasty and invigorating. You have no idea.

“Bref, j’ai bu un verre de lait” (pun at the attention of my French ‘fellowers’).

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3 thoughts on “That Glass Of Milk

  1. Actually you are not getting calcium from milk, because the animal protein doesn’t allow it. It increases the acidic level of your blood, so the body takes calcium phosphate of your bones which neutralises the acid and calcium is thrown out of your body in your urine. Just saying 😉

  2. Milk may consist of calcium it increases the level of calcium in your organism but in the same time it reduces its amount in your bones as the increased acidic level requires Calcium Phosphate to be extracted from your organism in order to neutralize the acid in the blood from the animal proteins. It’s quite a give then take more situation and a huge amount of the already absorbed calcium goes in the toilet with your urine after neutralization takes place. A lot more calcium you can get from spinach. Plus milk (especially mass production milk) contains animal pus and I’m sure you don’t want to drink this. For example the American law allows 1 pipette of pus per 1 liter of milk (if I remember correctly). You can read more on Calcium here:
    And you can watch this lecture quite a lot of stuff explained there:

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