[D+132] – More news from the Market

Bananas, sweet potatoes (and regular potatoes underneath)

More news from the Market. I’ve just came back from some new shopping adventures. I’m not going to extensively talk about prices, but here’s what I got for 5300 XAF (EUR 8.00 ; USD 10.00; or for José 140.5 pesos). I slightly haggled over the prices, but not so much :

I was about to mention I had paid 2000 XAF for the cab, and that it was half the price of my food, but I realized I am not sharing enough information on the town itself. I mean, did you know there were plenty of cabs in the streets, and that it’s common to use them ? Did I ever tell you where the market is ?

Oh boy! I am a bad blog writer !

I promise I will post very soon an article detailing how the life is organized here in Pointe-Noire. You will know everything !

Anyways, let’s get back to the Market. I’m not going to post great pictures from it : I had brought my camera with me and people were feeling very uncomfortable, which is totally understandable. It’s like you’re coming here for holidays, and ohhhhhhhh look! there is a market let’s take pictures of this attraction. That’s not what I’m thinking when taking pictures, but that’s how many people feel it.

However, during this first “visit” to one of the most active place in Pointe-Noire, I had taken a few pictures and I had shot a stolen video, from which I extracted some low-quality images. Sorry for the bad quality.

Oh and some people are eating caterpillars. It freaks me out but I think I will give them a try if they’re well-roasted…

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6 thoughts on “[D+132] – More news from the Market

  1. Donna

    I remember taking an oceanography class in college and the professor brought in bags of deep fried insects and said anyone who ate them got an automatic A on the midterm. He said insects were food in large parts of the world and that eventually the world wouldn’t be able to feed everyone with the kind of food westerners are used to. A few adventurous souls tried them, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

    • Hi Donna, thanks a lot for your comment. It is indeed very interesting how this kind of food contains a lot of proteins/vitamins. At least this is what I’ve heard. I’m not really such an adventurous soul ;), but I think that tasting it is an opportunity I may not have again 🙂 ! But I’m kinda afraid…
      Did those who ate them got an A on the midterm, as promised 🙂 ? it’s a bit unfair yet very funny !

      • They did get their As. Although I didn’t know it at the time, one of them was my future husband. Normally, I’m a way more adventurous eater than he is, but he couldn’t resist the opportunity to blow off the exam and still get an A in the class. I think you’re right about it being an opportunity you might regret missing in the future. Part of me wishes I’d tried it, but at the same time I’m still a bit grossed out by the whole idea.

  2. Hehe, your husband was brave 😀 I’m not really sure I wanna try, but indeed it’d be a truly new experience.
    Also, I know that Congolese people don’t all eat these caterpillars. We met a woman who told us she disliked them 🙂

  3. Just try it Adrien 🙂

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