It already tastes like the End

250mm – 1/160 – f/7.1 – ISO-100

Dear relatives, friends, pals and people I don’t know who are regularly reading this blog,

I’ll be leaving this marvellous Country called the Congo on July 15th, 2012. Read : in barely more than two weeks.

And yeah, I have to say it already tastes like the End. I’m a bit swamped by my work on the report I need to write for the firm. Also, I am much busy with monitoring various musical projects. I’d like to write more, but as I am trying to always illustrate the posts with life-colored pictures, but I don’t really have new ones.

It doesn’t mean this is the End of this blog though !!!

Indeed :

  • I am still going to post new stuffs in the upcoming days, until the very last day !
  • I will try to post a few articles afterwards, too. Because there are some stuffs I need to tell you about this country. For instance, I’m planning to write an article about what you need to bring – and what seems useless to me.
  • Nothing sure yet, but I might be coming back in January. I’ll have an interview about it the day after my return. If this is to happen, as I am deeply interested in both my work and the country, I’d be more than happy to keep writing for this blog !

Keep in touch, all of you !


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