I need a cab

1/640 – 84mm – f/640 – ISO-200
Many cabs in the streets…

I believe I have already mentioned it in some previous article that they are plenty of cabs in Pointe-Noire, but I’m sure you have no idea of how true this fact is. Just please take a look at the photograph above : you can at least spot four or five white-and-blue Toyota cars.

Now do you believe me ?

It’s very common to use cabs here. During the day, for short distances, they only cost 700 XAF (~1€). At night, it’s only 1000 XAF, so it may be pretty useful and rather inexpensive if you’re going out. Most expats own their own vehicles of course, but for trainees like us these taxis were truly useful !

There’s also another type of cab, called the “100/100”, because they used to cost only 100 XAF (now it’s 150 XAF, as far as I know). They are like small buses (see picture below) always going at the same places (usually, they drive people from “la Cité”, where most people live, to the town center).

I’ve also seen a few buses, but I have no idea where they were going…

A cab called “100/100”

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