Good Bye Pointe-Noire…

This post won’t have illustrations. They’re not required.

We’re leaving Congo in a few hours, and I have to confess it’s pretty sad – Rémy and I had really become accustomed to this country. We definitely had a great time here in Africa.

I was about to describe what happened during the last days, which were truly awesome, but it’s somehow meaningless to mention it today.

I met very nice people here, and I hope to see them again soon. At work, the team in which I was working was very nice. Outside of work, I lately met truly cool people.

So, especially for the party last night in the Congolese nightclub at the “Cité” (the popular part of the town), I’m willing to wholeheartedly thank Rémy, Bob, Romain, Pauline, Pierrick, Thibaut & Ellyn, Blandine, Sophie & Nicolas, Thibaut #2 (a Therion listener)… and all of those whose name I forgot.

Good Bye everyone, Good Bye Pointe-Noire. I hope I’ll come back soon !


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[D+150] – Getting Ready for the Oil Rig

Wow ! I’m going on an oil rig tomorrow ! I’m leaving at 9:30am Pointe-Noire with a boat (called a “surfer”), which will bring me to the rig. I’ll be staying there until Sunday if no problem occurs. Which means you shouldn’t see new blog posts before next week.

Unfortunately, I still don’t know if I can take photographs, but I’m sure I can’t … We’ll see.

Take care my friends and dear “fellowers” !


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[D-1] – Arrival and First Impressions

After passing successfully the control at the airport (with a tendency of some people to try to steal my luggage), we were brought to the flats we should live in. The whole city looks pretty poor, but our residence is really good, which keeps giving me an awkward feeling : it is indeed pretty shocking to see we have a big TV, “unlimited water” etc. while others kind of struggle to access a basic level of comfort. At least it’s my first impression.

Not much to tell about the first day. People seem to be often very nice, and prices seem expensive. I shall give more details about the life here in the following posts.

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[D-0] – Take-off

Alright. Today is D-Day. I’m taking off from Paris CDG at 11:30pm. I don’t exactly know when I’ll have the opportunity to access Internet over there so I will post this message right now and will update it from time to time.

Most of the stuffs I’m bringing with have been gathered, but nothing’s packed yet. Seems like I should pack pack everything and make sure there’s no weight problem. Do I have to mention I’m afraid of forgetting something ? At least I’m sure to take some pretty unusual stuffs, such as my Oxygen 25 MIDI keyboard (it’s a pretty small – best tool ever to keep making music while abroad). Gotta work on a split album with an artist named Parhelion… so here’s a small musical interlude with his sounds.

Still not packed, but it should happen just after lunch. Keep in touch.

Everything is now supposedly packed. Looking forward to leaving home in 3 hours about. Nothing much to worry about, I’ll double-check everything before leaving. Stay tuned.

[to be updated later today]

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