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Wanna eat some exotic food ?

After Tania’s request, I thought I’d post this picture that dates back from my first month in Congo.

Following Tania’s suggestion (once again…  – she’s the first girl on the right), we went to some restaurant in order to eat some exotic food, which is here called “viande de brousse”. Read : crocodile, snake, porcupine, antelope, etc…

When we came in, there was a very weird smell in the air, but we decided to forget about it and get some food, as we were all hungry and curious about how tasty all of these meats were.

Unfortunately, we quickly noticed a mouse in the bread, which immediately disgusted us. We stayed in the restaurant, but we were all feeling.. hmm… fuzzy/dizzy and ill-at-ease because of this stupid mouse. As a consequence, we barely tasted the various meals, although we had paid 10000 XAF !

So I had the opportunity to taste very small pieces of snake (boa) and crocodile. I clearly prefer the latter, it was very good and actually tasted like chicken. Some of the species that were cooked in this restaurant are said to be protected, so I wonder whether I’ll ever do this again – just a matter of personal choice, I guess.

It’s definitely an experience one may try, but I assume we didn’t get in the right restaurant…

After all, that’s a kind of funny and memorable experience (thanks Tania!) that we all share. After all, it was somehow cool !

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