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[D+98] – “Chez Tonton Mack” – Part 4 : Some HDR Shots

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A fourth and last post about this marvellous week-end. I decided to compile in this last message a few photos I took and edited using the so-called HDR (High Dynamic Range) technique.

Basically, it consists in taking three similar photographs : a dark one, a normal one and a light one, and combining them on a software (for instance I am using Adobe Photoshop). It allows the creation of highly-satured, almost surrealistic and dynamically enhanced pictures.

Here are my attempts at this technique, which I am usually using for UrbEx stuffs.

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[D+98] – “Chez Tonton Mack” – Part 3 : Dawn and Return

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I woke up very early (at  5:00am), partly because of storm lights outside. As I was afraid there could be spiders, I decided to get outside and shoot some sparks pictures, but there were a lot of clouds and due to the very low light my photographs turned out to be either a bit blurred or not interesting. Obviously I had not properly set the focus, and I feel a bit disappointed about this.

6:20 am
18mm - 1/6 - F/9 - ISO-400

I suddenly got the idea to make a quick fieldrecording, and walked a bit towards the woods in order to share with you the ambiance over there with an audio sample :

We were willing to swim again in the sea, but it started raining a lot around 9am, while we were eating the breakfast, so we started considering returning to Pointe-Noire earlier than expected. Indeed, we had already crossed big puddles on the road and we knew these puddles would have increased in size if the rain was not to stop (which eventually happened).

18mm - 1/50 - F/6.3 - ISO 400

Unfortunately there was not much things to do under this rain, so we stayed sheltered in the main grass hut, and I took a few other pictures I thought I would share with you (including the bed I slept on) :

18mm - 1/15 - F/5.6 - ISO 400

79mm - 1/100 - F/7.1 - ISO 400

214mm - 1/50 - F/5.6 - ISO 200

We eventually left around midday, because the rain was heavy and we were slightly afraid of the state of the track on the way back. Before leaving we ate a sea bass brought to us by one of the fishermen leaving here : how tasty it was !

As we were driving away from “Tonton Mack”, the rain stopped and I took a few new photographs from the magnificent landscape.

20mm - 1/800 - F/7.1 - ISO 400

146mm - 1/500 - F/7.1 - ISO 400

As I said, the puddles we had already seen had now become almost ponds. The 4×4 pickups sometimes had some difficulties to cross some of them, and at some point the water reached the level of the front headlights, which frightened us a bit.

When I thought I should take a picture of these deep puddles, the rain had started again so I only rapidly shot a photograph out of the window, so the focus is not perfect, but I feel forced to illustrate what I am talking about :

65mm - 1/80 - F/7.1 - ISO 400

220 photos later, we were back home and safe.

But this article series is not finished !! 

Tomorrow I will post a set of 5 HDR pictures, which correspond to my best attempt at the bracketing technique so far !

Oh, and now a little “guess what it is?” game…

Do you have any idea ? Just post it as a comment to this post !!

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Guess what it is...
250mm - 1/100 - F/6.3 - ISO 400

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