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Good Bye Pointe-Noire…

This post won’t have illustrations. They’re not required.

We’re leaving Congo in a few hours, and I have to confess it’s pretty sad – Rémy and I had really become accustomed to this country. We definitely had a great time here in Africa.

I was about to describe what happened during the last days, which were truly awesome, but it’s somehow meaningless to mention it today.

I met very nice people here, and I hope to see them again soon. At work, the team in which I was working was very nice. Outside of work, I lately met truly cool people.

So, especially for the party last night in the Congolese nightclub at the “Cité” (the popular part of the town), I’m willing to wholeheartedly thank Rémy, Bob, Romain, Pauline, Pierrick, Thibaut & Ellyn, Blandine, Sophie & Nicolas, Thibaut #2 (a Therion listener)… and all of those whose name I forgot.

Good Bye everyone, Good Bye Pointe-Noire. I hope I’ll come back soon !


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It already tastes like the End

250mm – 1/160 – f/7.1 – ISO-100

Dear relatives, friends, pals and people I don’t know who are regularly reading this blog,

I’ll be leaving this marvellous Country called the Congo on July 15th, 2012. Read : in barely more than two weeks.

And yeah, I have to say it already tastes like the End. I’m a bit swamped by my work on the report I need to write for the firm. Also, I am much busy with monitoring various musical projects. I’d like to write more, but as I am trying to always illustrate the posts with life-colored pictures, but I don’t really have new ones.

It doesn’t mean this is the End of this blog though !!!

Indeed :

  • I am still going to post new stuffs in the upcoming days, until the very last day !
  • I will try to post a few articles afterwards, too. Because there are some stuffs I need to tell you about this country. For instance, I’m planning to write an article about what you need to bring – and what seems useless to me.
  • Nothing sure yet, but I might be coming back in January. I’ll have an interview about it the day after my return. If this is to happen, as I am deeply interested in both my work and the country, I’d be more than happy to keep writing for this blog !

Keep in touch, all of you !


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