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[D+150] – Getting Ready for the Oil Rig

Wow ! I’m going on an oil rig tomorrow ! I’m leaving at 9:30am Pointe-Noire with a boat (called a “surfer”), which will bring me to the rig. I’ll be staying there until Sunday if no problem occurs. Which means you shouldn’t see new blog posts before next week.

Unfortunately, I still don’t know if I can take photographs, but I’m sure I can’t … We’ll see.

Take care my friends and dear “fellowers” !


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And I bought Fufu !

Under this enigmatic title hides another one of my Saturday market experiences, but also much more !

So yeah, I’ve just came back from the town market with heavy bags filled with bananas, papayas, sweet potatoes, chicken legs (i bought nine of them, because I don’t always have the time to go there), aubergines, plantains… and FUFU !

That’s a little discovery of mine. I had already heard about it, but I had never related it to the large bowls of what I thought to be flour. Actually, it’s a kind of tuber flour, I was explained. As far as I understood, it’s supposed to be cooked like semolina, i.e. with a bit of boiling water. Then it should look like the thing on the right of this picture (source : :

So yeah, I don’t have much free time because I’m currently writing my report for the firm – and for the school as I am doing an internship. Both reports should be rather similar, which is a good point ; however I don’t have much free time for further exotic expeditions in the countryside (this is a shame I know).

Oh, now an incredible news : I most probably will be working on an offshore oil rig from next Friday until Sunday or Monday !! I’m excited about this, because I haven’t had the opportunity to see any of them yet. I doubt I can take pictures over there, but I’ll ask my boss about it.

Keep in touch !

EDIT : I promise I will be posting pictures of my fufu experiments

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