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[D+80] – Weather: 1 – Adrien: 0

(Or, I got owned by the Weather)

I am specifically dedicating this article to those of you who happen to be photographers. If you’ve already encountered similar situations, don’t hesitate to tell your stories and leave a comment !

Yesterday, I (eventually!) decided to take some late-night picture in the streets of Pointe-Noire, where I’ve been living fyor 3 months already. The weather was a little rainy, but I had brought with me a small umbrella that was supposed to help me prevent raindrops from hitting my camera’s lens. I stopped at the street corner, set up my tripod…

First Problem. I had forgotten my SD card. “Anyways”, I say. I’m living nearby, it’s not a real problem.

A few minutes later, I’m back with the forgotten memory card, happy to finally take a few pictures. The shooting spot I had chosen was just under a tree, so the rain was not bothering too much. Good place, nice angle for the picture. “Good”. I turn the camera on, and half-press the button in order to set off the auto-focus mode.

“Why on Earth is it not working ?”

Second (and last) problem. Because of the temperature difference between the flat and outdoor, a thin layer of steam had covered my lens ! Indeed, the atmosphere was really moist and I had not realized it would affect my pictures. It had already happened to me in France… but I had forgotten about it.

And this is how I met your Aunt Robin. And this is how I got owned by the weather…

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