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I need a cab

1/640 – 84mm – f/640 – ISO-200
Many cabs in the streets…

I believe I have already mentioned it in some previous article that they are plenty of cabs in Pointe-Noire, but I’m sure you have no idea of how true this fact is. Just please take a look at the photograph above : you can at least spot four or five white-and-blue Toyota cars.

Now do you believe me ?

It’s very common to use cabs here. During the day, for short distances, they only cost 700 XAF (~1€). At night, it’s only 1000 XAF, so it may be pretty useful and rather inexpensive if you’re going out. Most expats own their own vehicles of course, but for trainees like us these taxis were truly useful !

There’s also another type of cab, called the “100/100”, because they used to cost only 100 XAF (now it’s 150 XAF, as far as I know). They are like small buses (see picture below) always going at the same places (usually, they drive people from “la Cité”, where most people live, to the town center).

I’ve also seen a few buses, but I have no idea where they were going…

A cab called “100/100”

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[D+80] – Weather: 1 – Adrien: 0

(Or, I got owned by the Weather)

I am specifically dedicating this article to those of you who happen to be photographers. If you’ve already encountered similar situations, don’t hesitate to tell your stories and leave a comment !

Yesterday, I (eventually!) decided to take some late-night picture in the streets of Pointe-Noire, where I’ve been living fyor 3 months already. The weather was a little rainy, but I had brought with me a small umbrella that was supposed to help me prevent raindrops from hitting my camera’s lens. I stopped at the street corner, set up my tripod…

First Problem. I had forgotten my SD card. “Anyways”, I say. I’m living nearby, it’s not a real problem.

A few minutes later, I’m back with the forgotten memory card, happy to finally take a few pictures. The shooting spot I had chosen was just under a tree, so the rain was not bothering too much. Good place, nice angle for the picture. “Good”. I turn the camera on, and half-press the button in order to set off the auto-focus mode.

“Why on Earth is it not working ?”

Second (and last) problem. Because of the temperature difference between the flat and outdoor, a thin layer of steam had covered my lens ! Indeed, the atmosphere was really moist and I had not realized it would affect my pictures. It had already happened to me in France… but I had forgotten about it.

And this is how I met your Aunt Robin. And this is how I got owned by the weather…

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[D+50] – Mourning in Brazzaville


Source : Marc Hofer (AFP)

I guess the bad news have already started to spread around the world, but I thought I couldn’t avoid posting about it.

“People are afraid”

That’s what I heard down the streets one hour ago. Yesterday morning, an arms depot, located in the Mpila district (source : Les Dépêches de Brazzaville), has exploded, killing around 150 people and leaving hundreds injured. Apparently, the whole event was due to a shortcircuit. It is the information relayed by most TVs and newspapers all around the world, and it is likely to be true. I assume there is no reason to be frightened of anything. With the current information we have, it would be non-sense.

“The explosions that you have heard don’t mean there is a war or a coup d’etat,” he said. “Nor does it mean there was a mutiny. It is an incident caused by a fire at the munitions depot.” Charles Zacharie Boawo (Congolese Defense Minister)

I felt many people were shocked this morning. Obviously, many people here in Pointe-Noire had relatives living in Brazzaville. For instance, one of the guard of the residence I am dwelling in lost of his cousins in the incident, who died of a cerebrovascular accident.

As stated before, the event doesn’t seem to be criminal in any way. As you can see on the map below, Pointe-Noire is located far from Brazzaville. In a few words, the former one is the economic capital (where petroleum is) while the latter one is the political capital, where the president dwells. So we’re not in danger here, although I would like to be closer in order to help people over there. Radio Congo states that schools have been transformed into sanitary centers, and that the main fire seat is totally controled.

It seems like many countries are sending medical help to Congo, but I am also aware that the three main petroleum companies in Congo (Total, ENI and Chevron) are currently organizing the shipment by plane of medical equipment along with firefighters and doctors.

I will keep you posted about the evolution of the situation. Hopefully the situation gets back to normal quickly, even if I assume that the general mourning feeling won’t be erased too rapidly.

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Just two dogs and a mud puddle

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Just the pool and the harbor

(Some editing tryout)

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