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[D+97] – “Chez Tonton Mack” – Part 2 : Beach and Fire

[read part 1 here]

This place was really marvelous. I felt something I believe I had never felt that much strongly. Being almost alone and contemplating the exotic landscapes and seascape that Nature was offering us was mesmerizing, as if I was living ten thousand years ago. As if I was the first one to set foot on this part of the world. A sort of rustic yet almost initiatory, energy-filled context.

84mm - 1/800 - F/5.6 - ISO 200

116mm - 1/640 - F/7.1 - ISO 200

I know my pictures do not totally reveal it, but the seashore was surrounded by luxurious vegetation, alternating with a savanna-like environment. I don’t have decent pictures to show of this, but there were a few ponds with water-lily around our camp. We could also hear crickets noises in the tall grass nearby, as well as many birds tweeting.

84mm - 1/500 - F/7.1 - ISO 200

90mm - 1/500 - F/6.3 - ISO 200

135mm - 1/1000 - F/5.6 - ISO 200

After a good lunch in the shade of a sort of large grass hut under which had been put some tables, we eventually went to the sea and stayed there for almost the whole afternoon, playing in the big waves (once again my photographs do not exactly do justice to their size) as if we were still children.

Ousmane, Rémy and Rémi (yeah, two of them)
18mm - 1/250 - F/6.3 - ISO 200

Rémi, Marine and Julien
24mm - 1/1250 - F/6.3 - ISO 200

41mm - 1/2000 - F/6.3 - ISO 200

There was a lot of driftwood on the beach…

250mm - 1/1000 - F/8 - ISO 200

24mm - 1/1250 - F/6.3 - ISO 200

55mm - 1/640 - F/7.1 - ISO 200

…but also lots of crabs which were moving incredibly fast as we approached them. Hard to catch !!

250mm - 1/3200 - F/5.6 - ISO 200

250mm - 1/1600 - F/5.6 - ISO 200

55mm - 1/1000 - F/7.1 - ISO 200

Look at how great the landscape was ! Marvelous !

18mm - 1/800 - F/9 - ISO 200

18mm - 1/1000 - F/8 - ISO 200

As sun the was decreasing, we went back to the camp. Cocktail hour. On the picture below you can spot two Congolese beers : Mutzig (green bottles) and Turbo King (brown bottles). One day I’ll tell you more about them.

Pierrick and Julien talking about politics
32mm - 1/100 - F/5.6 - ISO 400

We went to the top of a nearby hill to watch the sunset, but unfortunately there were some clouds near the horizon line, so I couldn’t shoot the magma-like ball I was expecting.

29mm - 1/60 - F/6.3 - ISO 400

We had gathered some dry wood, and spent the night around a joyful fire (mostly mastered by Ousmane, thanks man!), eating chicken and potatoes. How great this was ! The ambiance was friendly and I assume we all spent a great moment talking on the beach like this.

27mm - 4" - F/8 - ISO 200

During the night, I recorded the sounds coming from one of the ponds I mentioned earlier. If anyone knows what kind of animal produces the melodic/rhythmic sound you can hear in the sample, I’m interested to know more about it…

Getting asleep was a bit hard for me because I was afraid there could be spiders, but luckily I did not see any of them !

Time for me to end this article… You’ll have to wait another day before reading part 3 !! Do share your feelings about these pictures : would you like to be here ? Do you think we forgot something ? Anything you wanna know ? Just post a comment below and I’ll answer you !

[read part 3 here]

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[D+70] – Meeting people at the beach on a rainy day

Today was a rainy day, especially in the morning, when we could hear heavy clap of thunder. When the rain became less intense, I decided to go to the beach and take a few new pictures.

The sky was a bit too gray so my photos didn’t turn out as well as I expected. I was told that Congo seems a bit empty, based on what people saw on my blog… what you’ll see below will kinda go that way, but there were really few people on the beach today. But let’s make it clear : there are a lot of people in the main streets, and on the beach on sunny days !

I rapidly met a few children and adults, who shouted at me asking for a photograph. They were really nice, and even if people often tend to ask for money (I’ll do an essay about this in the upcoming days/weeks, I guess), they didn’t bring this too much to the fore and I spent a nice moment with them.

Realizing I had my Zoom H4n recorder with me, one of the guys, named Junior (in black & red in the pictures below) asked me to record him singing. Actually he was pretty good, so I thought I would post the audio clip on my blog ! Here it is :

Do you like it ? Share you feelings and leave a comment if you have a sec’ (you can log in with Facebook with a click only!)…

My first aim was to reach The Wharf, which I am referring to in my to-do list. I felt that the Congolese that were accompanying me were   slightly reluctant to reach this old building in concrete, so we went back. I remembered that I had been told that walking after the “Wharf” was dangerous, so I asked one of the guys if this was true. He confirmed people could be killed (or at least robbed), so I assume that I’ll only take a few quick pictures when I’ll get back there, but never go past it !

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[D+55] – A few shots on the way to the beach

The more I was posting pictures on this blog, the more I was realizing that my pictures weren’t realistic of the life here. I mean, I was focusing on taking good pictures instead of trying to give a precise overview of the reality. Last Saturday, I went to the beach and shot a few photos… Not the best picts ever but I’ll let you tell me what you think by leaving a comment !

I eventually reached the beach. It’s only 10 minutes from where we live. As you can see, some people are swimming, but I heard the water is pretty polluted. I assume we should try, but this day I was alone so I would not have left my camera on the sand, obviously. There’s a lot of waves, and the beach slope is pretty important.

I didn’t wait for the sunset…

…and went back to the flat.

Don’t forget to leave a comment just below !

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Just a skimboarder

Skimboarding (or skimming) is a boardsport in which a skimboard (a smaller counterpart to a surfboard without fins) is used to glide across the water’s surface. Unlike surfing, skimboarding begins on the beach by dropping the board onto the thin wash of previous waves. Skimboarders use their momentum to ‘skim’ out to breaking waves, which they then catch back into shore in a manner similar to surfing.

Source: Wikipedia

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[D+21] – A Mangrove

Wow! I just came back from a little excursion in a not-so-far mangrove (basically a seaside swamp), and it was pretty great ! There were hundreds of birds in the trees (like the white one below), and a lot of crabs as well as fishes with modified fins, which allowed them to get out of the water.

I maybe should have taken more shots, and maybe some general shots to give you a better overview of how the whole thing looks like. I apologize for that, but I promise I’ll try to remember this next time…

Some dead birds, too… but after all it’s Mother Nature !

A picture of Remy, who comes from the same school than me :

And finally a picture that doesn’t exactly satisfy me, but I think it’s still cool :

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