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Just the pool and the harbor

(Some editing tryout)

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[D+20] – A Random Saturday in Congo

We eventually have an Internet access at home, so I will be able to update this blog more often. However, since I am trying to always include pictures, and since there isn’t much to take a photo of here, do not expect new messages every day.

A random Saturday. We’re excited about this Internet access, for various reasons. Let me sum up the situation. We’re four students (two from the same school) doing an internship in Congo : Vincent, Thibaut, Rémy and me. We rapidly understood that there is not much to do here apart from TV and bars – no joke. There isn’t much to take a picture of, too. I’m not sure if it’s due to the average poverty of the country or not, but I’m often having the feeling I’m doing an UrbEx when taking a picture. We haven’t had the opportunity to get out of the town so far, so it may justify the fact that I don’t have a lot of exotic photographs. This should be solved tomorrow afternoon.

So what could we do on a Saturday afternoon ? Bah, just go to the small swimming pool a few blocks away. You’ll call me a liar but I chose to add a picture I took during a sunset a few days ago to illustrate this.

It is pretty hot today, and really sunny, so swimming a bit was really pleasing. There are a few palm-trees around the pool so I took a cool shot :

…and after a fresh Coke (we’ve been drinking liters of this since we arrived… not sure why, but maybe it’s because you can’t ask for free tap water at the restaurant, so you’re kinda forced to order something).

Then I quickly passed through the “craftsmen’s village”, and some children asked for a photo…

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