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[D+42] – A Walk near Diosso

(The lightning conditions weren’t very good for photographs, so some of them lack a bit of contrast)

About two weeks have passed since the last gallery, but we haven’t been doing much interesting things until yesterday. Indeed, a walk was organized on Saturday near the town of Diosso, not so far from Pointe-Noire, the city where we dwell.

Nevermind how early it was, we all met at 7:00am next to an area dedicated to sport and curated by the firm in which we work. Actually we could have come one hour later…

Then we were brought by a small bus to the starting point of the walk, after passing through some traffic jams (yeah, it does exist here, because the roads are rather uneven and vehicles have to slow down) and a tollbooth (please don’t ask the self-explanatory question “Why is there a toll system when roads are uneven?”). The Walk was about to begin…

Huh ?

I believe that pictures are often better than words, so I will try to gather them into same-themed photographs. Obviously there were many trees, from various types but don’t know all of their names. There were loads of palm trees, but we also found a rather small baobab. Even if it’s not really obvious in most of the pictures below, the area had ‘recently’ undergone deforestation, so there weren’t that many trees left, and also most of the remaining trunks were aligned, which means that it had been an area exploited for wood (which is a rather important business here in Congo).

Sometimes, at the foot of the track on which we were walking, we caught the magnificent sight of some more luxurious jungle-like forests, but we couldn’t reach them, which (I hope) will be solved soon during a new walk or something.

The whole walk was done on a sandy track, and even if the landscape was particularly exotic we almost saw no animals, except insects such as ants or butterflies. I guess that if we had entered the jungle it would have been spiders and snakes. Who knows.

The end is near…

…and we eventually reached the end, after a 12-kilometers long walk. The whole even was pretty cool. A Congolese guy had accompanied us most of the time and showed us some cool details, which was very nice of him. Also, since it wasn’t a run, we did have the time to take photos of many things and visually appreciate the landscapes.

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